Project Description

We destroy odors of any enclosed space (hotel rooms, offices, food containers , cold rooms, etc.) applying titanium in its  dioxide form- TiO2- on the surfaces of the area as protection. Light does the rest.

When the light hits upon the TiO2 it acts as a catalyst, generating •OH radicals (in a reaction which is scientifically known as advanced oxidative photocatalysis).

The Hydroxyl Radical redox reaction potential, only surpassed by fluorine, causes oxidation and rupture of c-c bonds which results in the elimination of odors. The •OH radicals convert organic compounds into CO2 and H2O (steam). Rooms, enclosed spaces in general with odors of any organic origin are perfectly deodorized.

This has no relation to  typical odor maskers. We do not add chemicals to the environment. The application of TiO2 is simple and economic. It is surprising.

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